July 22, 2024

Ornamental Grass and Flower Garden Idea

This is a beautiful garden with a combination of ornamental grass and flowers garden.

The grass in the picture is Pink Muhly Grass. Muhly grass is easy enough to grow that even beginners can do so! Whether you’re growing them from seed or propagated plants, your garden will look stunning in no time. These slender long grass shoots will produce pink flowers that mesmerize all and continue to look beautiful even in their dormant season.

Below we share how to grow and propagate muhly grass.

What Is Muhly Grass?

Source: https://livingboosts.com/can-pink-muhly-grass-grow-in-containers/

Muhly grass, specifically the pink type, is native to Florida. It’s widely used as a decorative perennial because of its pink appearance. This grass is resilient, and as long as you meet its conditions, it’ll adapt to any growing environment. 

How To Grow Muhly Grass?

Pink muhly grass is pretty easy to grow. The online blog Living Boosts says that it can reach heights of up to 3 feet and two to four feet wide and will add a fairy-like feel to your garden. This is how you can get the desired effect:

Soil: Choose soil that drains really well. If the soil becomes too wet, your muhly grass will die. Ensure the pH is slightly acidic and not higher than 7.0. If you have salinity in your soil, this grass will still thrive. 

Water: Muhly grass doesn’t require much water once it’s established. If you get regular rainfall, you won’t need to water this grass at all! Muhly grass is drought-tolerant thanks to its deep roots. You can get away with watering your pink muhly grass once every 3 weeks. 

Sunlight: Warm, sunny weather is ideal for this grass. It does well in dry areas and can’t tolerate harsh winter temperatures well. You can plant your muhly grass in full sun.

To plant muhly grass, start by working your garden soil in a spot that gets daily sunlight. You should create a clean area that’s about six inches deep and free of debris and rocks. Plant the grass a few feet from one another to ensure effective air circulation. The best time to plant muhly grass is in the fall.  

How To Prune Muhly Grass

Your muhly plants will benefit from some pruning just before their next growing season begins. Avoid pruning your muhly grass during the summer. This can interfere with flower production and decrease the chances of your grass getting that pink effect. When pruning, you can cut a few inches off, but don’t go too close to the plant crown. 

How To Propagate Muhly Grass

Muhly grass is relatively easy to propagate. You can do this by collecting seeds or through division. Follow these steps for the division method:

  1. Use a shovel or spade to dig around the perimeter of a single plant. Dig deep enough to free the root ball.
  2. Split the plant into a few equal parts while keeping the root ball size in mind. 
  3. Place one part of the plant back in the original hole while planting the other in a new one. 
  4. Keep both parts watered for the first two days to ensure root establishment. 

Before You Go

Muhly grass can add a unique aesthetic to your garden without requiring much work. This low-maintenance grass is easy to plant and propagate, so you’ll have tons of it before the next growing season. You don’t have to water your muhly grass often and can simply ensure it has a sunny spot to grow in. 

I hope this article was helpful! If you decide to grow muhly grass, come back to share your experience in the comments.

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