July 22, 2024

Inexpensive Lighting Idea – I Want There in the Patio Area Just Outside the Barn

Inexpensive lighting idea – I want there in the patio area just outside the barn

If you’re looking for a DIY lighting idea for your porch, we’ve got you covered! From string lights to lantern jars, you can create a beautiful mood outdoors without breaking the bank.

Below, we share 5 inexpensive lighting ideas for any outdoor area.

#1 Bulky String Lights

Whether you have an ocean view to highlight or just want to add a simple lighting solution to oversee your backyard, string lights should be your go-to. You can hang these between trees, affix them to a wall, or suspend them from poles. It’s an easy DIY project that’s budget-friendly and will make a huge difference. 

#2 Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a popular choice, and they’re available in an assortment of styles. You can purchase them as strings or curtains. There are also many colors to choose from. Whether you hang them from your roof or wrap them around poles or trees, they’ll brighten your backyard and make your porch area feel magical!

#3 Paper Ball Lights

If you want a natural or beachy vibe, consider using paper ball lights. These are more affordable than classic ball lights and make a wonderful addition to bohemian aesthetics. If you add some pillows and ottomans to your porch, your look will be complete!

#4 Glass Jars With Candles

You don’t have to spend money on lights that need electricity or batteries. If you like a vintage feel, using glass jars and candles will do the trick. You can use any type of jar and place a candle of any size in them. Bigger jars and candles will provide more light. Simply place them around your porch or hang them with a sturdy rope. 

#5 Solar Lights

If you have access to full sun during the day, solar lights are a great option. There are many to choose from, and all they require is sunlight to charge fully. They’ll stay on all night, and you can even set a timer with most. If you don’t like traditional lighting options, opt for solar flower lights. These make a unique addition to any backyard!

Reasons To Light Up Your Porch Area

Placing lights outdoors can make the area feel cozier. You don’t need to use spotlights that’ll allow neighbors to see your every move. Subtle lighting can ensure you don’t bump into friends when walking around and keep the rest of your doings private. 


Putting up lights in your backyard doesn’t need to empty your pocket. With affordable and DIY ideas, you can transform your garden and porch area. It doesn’t take much time either! Once you have everything you need, you can get your desired setup done in an hour or two.

If you opt for our DIY glass jar option, ask community groups for free unused glass containers. There’ll be plenty of people willing to donate these!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found the ideas helpful. If you have more questions about lighting your outdoor area, ask them in the comments.

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Set up beside porch to the right..Make pumpkins with plywood. Buy plant hanger.

Set up beside porch to the right..Make pumpkins with plywood. Buy plant hanger.

Creating a fall garden decoration is easy if you have the right props on hand. There are many different things you can use, but not all will be available to you. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of things to choose from!

Below we share the 5 most common items you can use to create a stunning fall garden setup. We also share a few ideas for each.

What You’ll Need?

#1 Real Pumpkins

Growing pumpkins will give you access to fall garden props without much work! You can add them to your DIY setup and use them afterward. Real pumpkins are one of the best items to use in a fall garden setup. Not only do they make a realistic prop, but they can also be used as is or carved, so your creative options are endless!

#2 Plywood – Make Wood Pumpkin

Plywood is extremely versatile. You can use these thin sheets to create a number of props if you have the right cutting machine and templates. All they’ll need is some paint for the finishing touches! 

#3 Dried Leaves

Don’t throw your fallen leaves away this season! You can collect bags full of it to use in your garden set up for fall. While there will already be plenty laying around, dumping a bag full of leaves in one place will create a fuller look and make your fall setup better. If you have little kids around, make leave piles for them to play in. 

#4 Cardboard Props

Cardboard is the most versatile craft item. You can create jack-o-lanterns, fall leaves, and even spooky props to make your fall garden come alive. You can buy cardboard in any color imaginable and cut it by hand or use a craft machine. Pinterest and craft groups have many ideas to make creating props even easier!

#5 Flowers

Flowers can play a big role in your fall garden. These will add life, brighten the mood, and make a great thank-you gift if you have guests over. Place the flowers in little pots all over your garden or set up crates or a wheelbarrow to display them. 

Great flower choices for a fall garden setup include the african daisy, blanket flower, bidens, canna lily, fossflower, garden mums, and calibrachoa.

How To Create?

Once you have all your items on hand, you might be wondering how to best use them. Here are some great ideas!

  • Use an old wheelbarrow to create a flower display. You can fill it with any flowers of your choice and place a real pumpkin by its wheels. Sprinkle fall leaves around this setup for an added touch!
  • Make pumpkin cutouts from plywood in different sizes. You can paint them hues of orange, red and yellow. Place them near a tree and add potted flowers as well. 
  • Create hanging jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, flowers, or even spiders from cardboard. Hang them from your trees, poles, or roof. You can also stick them to walls. 

In Ending

You can make a stunning fall garden display without breaking the bank. You don’t have to call in a designer either! With a little creativity and DIY supplies, your garden will make heads turn. If you feel like doing something a little extra, make cardboard flowers to hand out to party guests. They’ll remember this gesture forever!

I hope this article gave you great ideas. If you try any of them or have other questions, let me know in the comment section.

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Flowers Fill a Vintage Wooden Crate | Delphiniums with Viburnum, Stocks, Euphorbia, Sweet Williams and British-Grown Foliages | New Covent Garden Market More

If you’re looking for a unique, handmade gift for your mom, sister, or colleague, a flower crate might be perfect! These are easy to make and always leave someone feeling special.

Floral arrangements are one thing, but a flower crate is next level! You can decorate the crate however you want to add a specific touch and use a wide variety of flowers. Below, I share how to make a quick floral crate and which flowers work best for it.

Create a Flower Create Gift in 5 Steps

It’s really easy to create a flower crate that you can gift to loved ones. By following these simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful handmade gift in minutes!

Step 1: Prepare Your Flowers

After choosing the flowers you’d like to use, remove all their leaves and place them in water. Ensure that only the flowerheads remain, if this is what you’re going for. If you’d like some leaves on your flowers, skip the trimming part and simply place them in water after you’ve cut them.

Step 2: Prepare Your Floral Foam

I suggest using floral foam in your crate. This will keep the flowers moist and upright. You should cut the foam to the size of the crate you’re using. Next, soak your foam in water and flower food. 

Step 3: Decorate Your Crate

If you’d like to paint your crate or add any other decor to it, now would be the time to do so. Ensure that any paint or glue is completely dried before continueing to the next step. 

Step 4: Insert the Floral Foam

By now, your floral foam should have soaked up a lot of water and fertilizer. Remove it from the water bath and place it into your crate.

Step 5: Arrange The Flowers

Insert your flowers one by one to create your desired look. You can get creative and do this in any way you want!

Flowers That Work Best for a Floral Crate

You can use any flowers you want to create a floral crate gift. Some great options include:

  • Roses
  • Stocks
  • Sweet Williams
  • Petunias
  • Zinnias
  • Begonias
  • Euphorbia
  • Ivy
  • Vinca
  • Heather

Flower Create Lifespan: Your gifted flower crate will last about a week, depending on how it’s cared for. If the floral foam is kept moist, the flowers are likely to live up to 12 days.

Floral Foam Lifespan: If you have leftover floral foam, you can store it for up to a year! Just keep it dry and in a cool, dark place. It can turn brown if there’s water left in it or if you place it in sunlight. 

In Ending

You can make a flower crate with store-bought flowers or ones you choose from your garden. This unique gift idea is easy to put together and doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. With a little creativity, you can create something special fo a loved one or friend. 

I hope this article inspired you! If you have more questions about floral crates, ask them in the comments.

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